Hayat Al-Riyadh Coffee Shop

At Hayat Al-Riyadh, we pride ourselves on the quality and freshness of our coffee. Everything is made in-house by our chefs each and every day using only the best ingredients. We still bake hundreds of our signature cookies every morning! And because we also pride ourselves on contributing to our community, we are committed to using as much local produce as possible.

Every day at Hyatt Riyadh is a new day of activity. From your room to the coffee shop in the morning to continue your training. Only then will you be ready to enter the restaurant and enjoy a wonderfully refreshing lunch that keeps you energized all day long. Lots of activities to carry on in the day until you find yourself not leaving the hotel enjoying every part of your experience. to take advantage of it. You will be greeted with a wonderful hospitable staff who will really enjoy your company. In addition to having the perfect end to your day, our indoor pool and seating in our cafe, lobby and restaurant will provide you with warmth that will end your perfect day with a smile on your face.