“Seasons for two years”… Various activities in Saudi Arabia

“Seasons for two years”… Various activities in Saudi Arabia

The “Spirit of Saudi” platform announced for the first time an invitation to the public to interact and participate in the industry of the Saudi seasons through the website www.2years.sa dedicated to receiving opinions and suggestions to enrich the Saudi seasons and to participate in the design, manufacture and presentation of larger, more beautiful, more diverse and distinguished events to meet all aspirations.

quality of life
The launch of the new Saudi seasons is in line with the Kingdom’s vision 2030, and within the framework of the wise leadership’s keenness to enrich the lives of citizens, raise the quality of life for the residents of the Kingdom, promote destinations and highlight tourism, cultural, entertainment and sports treasures, to contribute to the industry of distinguished tourist destinations that put the Kingdom on the global tourism map.

The Saudi seasons also contribute to diversifying the national economy and providing attractive investment opportunities. To drive growth in many and diverse sectors, by involving the private sector and enabling it to play its role in the implementation of seasons and events, which in turn provide many seasonal jobs for the sons and daughters of the Kingdom.

The Saudi seasons were launched for the first time in 2019, and contributed to advancing social and economic growth through a variety of events and activities around the Kingdom, achieving many distinguished gains, numbers and indicators. In total, more than 390 qualitative events were presented, attracting more than 50 million visitors. And contributed to generating many business opportunities in addition to more than 100,000 permanent and seasonal jobs.


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