Al Masmak Fort

Al Masmak Fort

Among the best things to do in Riyadh is the famous Masmak Fort.

Masmak Fort is among the most historically important sites in the city of Riyadh. “Masmak” means “strong,” and local legend suggests that if this fortress falls, the Kingdom will fall with it.

This well preserved 19th-century clay and mudbrick fortress played a vital role in the recapturing of the city of Riyadh in 1902 –led by Ibn Saud– cementing its role in the unification of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The fortress is now a museum that offers visitors to look back to that key moment in history and beyond the history of Riyadh as the capital of the Kingdom.

I personally enjoyed the well-preserved artifacts and the architecture of the fortress itself – including the perfectly maintained Arabic sitting room (called a Diwan) complete with luxury furnishings and a throne.

The museum is free to visit but check out admission in advance as they have family days, singles days, female days, etc. (As a conservative city/country, many locales separate males from females and families).