Combat Field

Combat Field

Date: Saturday, October 23, 2021 – Wednesday, March 16, 2022 Time: Start at 05:00 PM Location: Combat Field Prices include tax: start from 55 riyals Event description:

You will live a journey through the ages, starting from the medieval area with activities and challenges that develop your skills, to the cowboy area where you live the life of the western countryside, and in the fields of paintball and ibattle, you will enjoy unparalleled adventures, and in the Baroud area you will learn about the history of weapons, and in the field of fire and shooting fields, experiences that you will live for the first time Once, you will raise your adrenaline and your journey will end in the Tech Zone, an area with experiences and technical games, where you will live the adventures of the future with all its enthusiasm. Live the adventure and action in Combat Field.

Minimum age: 12 and over

Terms and Conditions
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The holder of this ticket shall be bound by these terms and conditions when the ticket is issued, used or attempted to be used.
Tickets are non-cancellable, refundable or exchangeable.
By purchasing this ticket, you agree to comply with all terms and conditions and to comply with other terms and conditions and restrictions of the organizer before or during the event.
In the event of cancellation, postponement, or change of the event date:
The ticket value is returned as a balance in the electronic wallet with the service provider.
The customer has the right to use the credit to purchase a new ticket for the same event or any other event provided by the service provider.
Credits must be redeemed only during the season.
The ticket must be added to the Tawakkalna app to be able to enter.
The ticket holder is responsible for verifying the date, time, place and age of the event. Ticket holders must arrive early to the event site, and the organizer has the right to refuse entry to late people, and in this case the ticket holder will not be entitled to claim a refund of the ticket price or seek compensation from any kind was.
Ticket holders and their personal belongings may be searched upon entering the Event Venue, dangerous and prohibited items will be confiscated, and any item deemed dangerous by the Organizer or the security apparatus on the premises of the Event will be confiscated or that could be used to cause damage to the venue or disrupt the Event.
Backpacks are prohibited
Acknowledgment and commitment to the regulation of preserving public taste (to view the list, click here)
All prices include value added tax.
Professional photography and video cameras are prohibited from entering the premises.
The ticket holder, in his capacity as attendee of the venue, consents to the photographs, video clips and audio clips that may be posted on the Internet.
The Organizer shall not be liable for bodily injury, illness, death of any visitor (including the ticket holder), or loss or damage to collectibles caused by or in connection with the event.
Reselling the ticket is strictly prohibited.
The organizing authority has the right to remove whoever commits an act considered to be contrary to the opinion of the organizer.


  • It is important for event organizers to have clear terms and conditions in place for ticket purchases, including policies for cancellations, postponements, and changes to event dates. This provides transparency and clarity for customers, and helps to manage their expectations. The option to have the ticket value returned as a balance in the electronic wallet with the service provider is a convenient and flexible solution for customers who may not be able to attend the rescheduled event, or who wish to attend a different event altogether. Overall, having a well-defined policy in place for ticket purchases and event changes can help to ensure a positive experience for both customers and organizers.

  • Firstly, having clear terms and conditions helps to protect both the event organizer and the customer. It ensures that both parties are aware of their rights and obligations, and can help to prevent misunderstandings or disputes. By setting out the terms and conditions of ticket purchases, organizers can also establish clear policies for cancellations, refunds, and other issues that may arise.

    Secondly, having a clear policy for cancellations, postponements, or changes to event dates can help to manage customer expectations and reduce frustration or disappointment. Customers who are unable to attend a rescheduled event may appreciate the option to use their ticket credit to purchase a ticket for a different event, rather than losing their money entirely.

    Finally, having a well-defined policy for ticket purchases and event changes can help to build trust and loyalty with customers. By providing clear and transparent information, organizers can demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction and their willingness to work with customers to find a solution that works for everyone.

    Overall, having clear terms and conditions and a well-defined policy for event changes is an important aspect of event planning and can help to ensure a positive experience for both organizers and customers.

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